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November 2000 Newsletter Images

" Jewel Beetle Pupa" - At a stage of developing adult beetle colours. The pupa of this beetle species has not previously been recorded. " Stag Beetle Pupa" from left to right- 2 male & a single female pupa
" Centipede Nursery" - Female at rest with freshly emerged babies. " Land for Wildlife" from right- visiting LfW volunteer; Jack; Mark Gordon, Environmental Officer (JSC); Kay Dorricott, Regional Co-ordinator LfW.

"Praying Mantid" - female with three ootheca's (egg sacks)

"Hercules Moth Cocoons" - hanging awaiting emergence.

"Half and Half" - female wings on left with male wings on the right. "Mosaic" - another form of Gynandromorph, this butterfly has the female on the right and male wings on the left. Looking a little closer you can see the male wings have some of the white female influence over them.


Hercules Moth" - female producing ova (eggs)

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